Centre for Labour Research and Action


Interning with CLRA

At CLRA we believe that field engagement is an integral experience of a young scholars’ academic life. It allows the candidate to engage with the material realities existing on the ground while offering an avenue to extend and galvanize the learnings formed in their coursework. The internship and volunteering programme at CLRA presents an opportunity to expose oneself to multiple, dynamic, and intersecting issues of the migrant workers from DBA communities.


Interning with our organization provides a window of opportunity for students keen on the issues of labour, migrants, livelihood, communities at the margins; by creating a conducive space for an interactive and enriching process of learning and relearning. Through community interaction supplemented with the assignments (are drawn keeping the academic profile and interests of the interns) it is envisioned that the students – at the end of the period will be able to develop a perspective that is embedded both in the grounded experience and the knowledge acquired in their coursework. The internship assignments are designed to allow an interface between the project teams at various locations and the interns – creating a space for learning and relearning across a wide array of concerns of migrant workers while also allowing the intern to focus on a central theme – to help them galvanize their learnings.

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