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Research and studies


Research is a key component of Center’s agenda. There is almost no secondary information about the workers that the Centre seeks to organize. Majority of the workers in the informal sector are seasonal migrants. However there exists no secondary data about the migration patterns. Both the official surveys – Census and NSSO – do not capture seasonal migration for wage labor adequately. In such a scenario, Centre has undertaken its own mapping exercises that document socio economic profile of workers, migration patterns, modes of recruitment, working and living conditions, and wage rates. The list of studies undertaken / sponsored by the Centre is given below

Child Labor in Cottonseed Production

Horror of While Clouds – Accidents in Cotton Ginning Factories

Wage Labor Atlas of Brick Kiln Workers of Gujarat

Situation of Tribal Migrant Laborers of Sabarkantha and Banaskantha Districts of  North Gujarat

Condition of Brick Kiln Workers

Situation Analysis of Construction Labor Market of Ahmedabad City 2009

Migration Survey Alirajpur-1

Migration Survey Alirajpur-2

Primary Survey Report of Migrant Labor in Masturi Vikas Khand District Bilaspur, Chattisgarh

Health Report of Brick Kiln Workers 2009-2010

Surat Migration Report

Here hope has no address - proceedings of national consultation on housing for migrant workers

Findings Recommendations from Rapid Assessment

Living at Worksites Policy and Governance for Migrant Worker Housing in Ahmedabads Construction Sector

Neglected Agriclture_labour_in_21st_Century_India__

 Anatomy of Drudgery  Work conditions in industries around Kadi town and industrial actions by workers 

 Ergonomic  Study on Sugarcane Harvesting workers in south gujarat


A bitter harvest

They leave their homes 



Footloose in Farms - A study on the tribal migrant agriculture workers in English

Footloose in Farms - A study on the tribal migrant agriculture workers in Hindi 

Footloose in Farms - A study on the tribal migrant agriculture workers in Gujarat

Dissemination and Advocacy Workshop 

 Crammed and Bundled under cloth:Working Conditions of Textile of workers in Surat  Gujarati

Crammed___Bundled_Under Cloth: Working Conditions of Textile workers in surat _English