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CLRA with RLS-South Asia is undertaking a project to consolidate data on seasonal migration in India. While different estimates have been made by researchers on the number of seasonal migrants using different methodologies, our attempt is to delineate specific migration streams.
Realizing that this is a large and ambitious exercise beyond the work of a single organization, CLRA is working to develop a network of field and research organizations to contribute and collaborate in this initiative. CLRA is attempting a pilot data collection exercise over the next four months. During the pilot phase, we will seek to consolidate data on seasonal migrants generated during the first COVID lockdown across India. If this works, then we will think about more detailed primary data collection and delineating specific migration streams in the near future.
As a partner, we will expect you to contribute with the data base from your state and also any data on seasonal migration that you may have at your organization level or can guide us to. The data collected will remain open source and all contributions will be duly acknowledged. We are inviting partners from all the major states that are either source states or that receive a significant number of seasonal migrants.
If you or your organization is keen to collaborate or contribute do write to us at