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A New Paradigm of Organizing Working Class

Unorganised Labour Action School

 CLRA with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung South Asia is proud to announce the Unorganized Labour Action School to be conducted online from September 2nd 2022 onwards.The Unorganised Labour Action School will seek to facilitate discourse on the organization of the vast mass of informal workers in South Asia. Targeted at actors engaged in organizing informal workers, the course will disseminate key principles of organizing workers at the grass root level so that they can access their entitlements. The discussions will be centred on - identifying key members from the workers' community, how to structure communication and conversations, and the utility of tools such as wall charts for strategic planning. These are some of the key principles that will be discussed during the online course through live examples.

The School will be conducted in Hindi and English languages and facilitated by CLRA.

Registration deadline : August 25th , 2022

To register follow the link below: